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    "Technical features
    1. Comply with IEC60914 and GBT15381-94 international standards
    2. Adopt all-digital conference technology, developed based on digital network architecture, built-in high-performance CPU processor, faster processing speed, better sound quality, support discussion, video tracking, voting and other functions
    3. High-performance switching power supply, long-distance transmission will not have any impact on the sound quality
    4. Anti-interference circuit design to eliminate all interference of mobile phone signals

    5. Adopt 4.3-inch full-view IPS capacitive touch screen, which can intuitively display and easily adjust the parameters of the system
    6. Support USB recording, high-fidelity WAV format output
    7. It has 2 groups of 4 RJ45 microphone unit interfaces, adopts closed-loop Ethernet link mode, supports bilateral power supply of microphone units, and supports hot swapping of microphone units, each channel supports 10 units, and can be connected to 40 units
    8. At the same time, it has 2 channels of 8-core microphone unit interface, each channel supports 45 units, and can be connected to 90 units
    9. A single host can connect up to 256 conference units through extended power supply
    10. The unit adopts the "hand-in-hand" connection mode, which supports hot swapping, which is convenient for installation and maintenance
    11. The host functions are: conference mode, system settings, video mode, unit ID editing mode, voting, USB recording
    12. Has a variety of meeting modes: FIFO (first-in, first-out mode), APPLY (application mode), FREE (free mode), LIMIT (limited mode), Chairman (chairman mode)
    13. Speaker limit function: the maximum number of units that can speak at the same time can be limited (can be set to 1-6 different numbers), and the chairman unit is not limited
    14. Speech time limit function: The speaking time of the speaking unit can be limited (0-24h can be set), and there are two modes of timed shutdown and automatic shutdown, and the chairman unit is not restricted
    15. The system has the function of conference service, and the speaking unit can apply for tea, paper, pens, service personnel and other services
    16. Networked collaborative management, the system host can be set up WIFI, can be connected to the host, use the same LAN mobile phone, tablet and other devices to operate the host settings, support Android operating system
    17. With RS232 interface, it can be connected to the computer to sign in, vote, venue control, video adjustment, tea call and other operation settings for the host
    18. It has camera 232 and 485 communication interfaces, connects SD or HD cameras, and supports SONY VISCA, PELCO P/D communication protocols
    19. Unique high-fidelity audio processing circuit to improve the clarity of the whole system;
    20. Microcomputer control, touch button shuttle, graphical interface, multi-level menu operation mode. 
    21. True color high-definition IPS capacitive touch monitor, Chinese and English optional subtitles, working status at a glance. 
    22. Chinese Simplified Chinese, English two language menu can be switched arbitrarily. True color 4.3-inch IPS capacitive touch monitor 
    23. Support weekly calendar timing program and special date timing program to meet the needs of various times and occasions



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