The second is the re-evolution of human and vehicle life.


In the past year, there have often been some unexpected sharing on social media, such as someone moving the PS5 and display to Tesla Model 3 to create a mobile "gaming room"; There are even car companies that claim to be equipped with active sleep promotion technology.
The behavior that sounds somewhat "outrageous" reflects the different understanding of cars by a new generation of consumers such as post-95s and post-00s: as the indigenous people of the Internet and electronic products, they have an innate interest in new technologies such as intelligent driving and intelligent cockpits, and cars are rightfully defined as the third space in life. If you want to impress a new generation of young people, the value of cars cannot be limited to "means of travel", and it is necessary to create irreplaceable rigid and changeable functions in the experience to meet the demands of the younger generation.